Solar System Reference Utility

[Work In Progress]

A native Objective-C reference app utilizing UITableView to provide users with quick, easy acces to planetary reference data


In this app, I started to experiment with UITableView and NSDictionary to create a planetary reference app. The user would be able to see information about the planets such as the planet's temperature, number of moons, gravity strength, and the nickname.


In order to optimize performace to be the fastest possible, I decided that it would be more appropriate to use NSDictionary as opposed to NSArray, which allowed me to call objectForKey, and use the returned key value to get the object stored at that index. While the set of data in this case was not even close to the scale that the speed difference would matter, I used this as a way to practice implementing dictionaries in iOS apps.

By utilizing a hash map, I was able to store the objects in an unordered array and easily call objectForKey to read the object stored based on the key. This made a speed improvement, by eliminating the need to iterate through an array in order to load each object in order to fill the label that I designed. In addition, if I ever wanted to change the order, it was much easier for me to do, as opposed to placing all objects in NSArray.

NHS Redesign

Complete overhaul of a not-for-profit's website

Personal Site

Behind the design and coding of my own personal website


An AngularJS web app that takes advantage of AngularJS's two-way data binding to provide real-time score results