Pirate Adventure

A tile-based adventure game utilizing arrays and objects leading to an eventual boss fight


This app served as my first in-depth project in Objective-C for iOS development. The goal for the user was to go through the challenges, similar to a board game, and make the correct choices which eventually led up to the eventual fight with the boss.


In order to create the board, which was essentially a grid, I created an array of 4 columns. Each object in the array served as a pointer to another array which contained 3 objects in it, each object being a tile. For each tile, there was a variable assigned to key UIView elements, such as character.health and character.weapon.

To keep track of the current position of the character I first set the current point by calling function CGPointMake(0,0) and would then update the point after the user pressed a navigational button. For example, when pressing the north button, the program called the function northButtonPressed which looked like this:

- (IBAction)northButtonPressed:(UIButton *)sender
	self.currentPoint = CGPointMake(self.currentPoint.x, self.currentPoint.y + 1);
	[self updateButtons];
	[self updateTile];

In order to ensure that the UIView was showing the correct information, I created a function updateTile which would call other functions to update all pertinent informtion, ranging from each label to enabling/disabling buttons.

Lessons Learned

In this project I spent much of my time to make my code easily parameterized. Instead of hard coding each tile, I created a RDTile class, and a RDTileFactory class to dynamically create a number of tiles which could easily be changed all at once. Also by creating classes such as RDWeapon and RDCharacter, I was able to update the variables when the user made an action.


To view the source code or fork the project, please visit the project on Github.


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