Personal Website

Behind the design and coding of my own personal website


As someone who loves to program, I love creating applications outside of school. I wanted a good way to showcase the developer projects that I have worked on in my free time, so I created this site as a portfolio and a place to explain some of the challenges and decisions I made when designing and implementing my code.

I started with a template from HTML5UP and stripped it completely bare. A lot of the features I considered unnecessary or didn't fit my specific needs, so I removed them and then


In order to build the website, I used HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. One of the main goals when I was building the website was to make sure that it was responsive to all types of screen sizes. While some designers are now advocating a mobile-first design, I believe that a skeleton grid is the best methodology, as it conforms to all screen sizes.

Skills Learned

Before starting this website, I had never touched jQuery in an actual project before. One of the biggest challenges for me occurred when trying to build the accordion structure featured on the front page. Collapsing the accordion was simple enough, but for a visual purpose, I wanted the arrow to rotate when clicked. After scrolling through a lot of StackOverflow questions that provided answers that didn't seem to work when I tried to implement them, I pieced them all together to create a relatively simple function tht would rotate the arrow on click, and also have a smooth transition, while removing all the ugliness of the standard jQuery library.

Pirate Adventure

A tile-based adventure game utilizing arrays and objects leading to an eventual boss fight


An AngularJS web app that takes advantage of AngularJS's two-way data binding to provide real-time score results

NHS Redesign

Complete overhaul of a not-for-profit's website