National Honor Society

Complete overhaul of a not-for-profit's website


After being nominated for and elected as the Historian of the Darien chapter of the National Honor Society, I heard multiple complaints from fellow students about how they despised the previous design and the difficulty associated in finding the information that they wanted at their fingertips.


To build the website, I used HTML5 and CSS3 built upon Pure CSS modules. Utilizing Pure CSS, I was able to complete revamp the user experience to be in line with modern standards, while also have almost no impact upon load time.

Throughout the whole experience, I utilized a floating header, so that the user would be able to quickly and easily navigate to any page within the site. I also began alpha field trials for members to log into a portal and upload documents and other required forms to reduce the massive stacks of paper each member turned in at each meeting.


Visit the site here. Please note that the alpha version of the log in portal has been removed and replaced with a static HTML page.


An AngularJS web app that takes advantage of AngularJS's two-way data binding to provide real-time score results

Pirate Adventure

A tile-based adventure game utilizing arrays and objects leading to an eventual boss fight

HackTX App

The Official HackTX App