My name is Rohit Datta.

I'm a software engineer currently studying at the University of Texas at Austin.
I enjoy creating beautiful looking projects that keep the user experience in mind.
As an independent consultant, I work with you, as my client, from end to end to
create a consistent user experience on all your products.

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Full Class List

  • Fall 2014
    • [CS 312] Introduction to Programming
    • [M 427L-AP] Advanced Calculus for Applications II (Honors)
    • [ECO 304L] Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Spring 2015
    • [CS 314] Data Structures
    • [CS 311] Discrete Math For Computer Science
    • [M 340L] Matrices/Matrix Calculations
    • [ACC 310F] Fundamentals of Accounting

Selected Projects

Pirate Adventure

A tile-based adventure game utilizing arrays and objects leading to an eventual boss fight


An AngularJS web app that takes advantage of AngularJS's two-way data binding to provide real-time score results

NHS Website

Rebuilt the entire website for the Darien chapter of the National Honor Society to account for user functionality.

Want to get in touch?

I'd be happy to get in touch for either professional consulting or personal projects.
You can also check out my portfolio of iOS and web design work.